There’s more to UK …

June 15, 2009

That would be UK as in the University of Kentucky.

We’ve been splayed all over the news for the past several months, embarrassingly so.  Seems like we stole the show during and shortly after the NCAA tournament, and our new coach deliberately or inadvertently has kept us on p1 for much of the past several months.  It wouldn’t surprise to think that, to the rest of the country (and world), the University of Kentucky was the name of some sports franchise.

Well, the president of UK has ’bout had enough of this.  His editorial in today’s Lexington newspaper was refreshing in many ways – a slap in the H-L’s face, a grasping of the readership by the collar and shaking some sense into them, a rather public display of annoyance and exasperation, and yes, an implicit plea to taxpayers to support his school.  UK is more than 12 (yup, JM isn’t coming back) athletes who ply their trade for five months of the year.  It’s good to see the president remind the Commonwealth of this.