Next stop – Kansas!

This weekend past was spent in Huntingdon, PA (about 25 miles from State College) attending Amy’s graduation from Juniata College.  Amy earned a B.A. with a major in History and minor in Anthropology.  She’ll be pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Kansas, majoring in African Studies.  This interest is, to a large extent, an outcome of her most excellent semester in The Gambia.

A few photos:

Amy with the goods!

Amy and her grandmother (my mother), who came to graduation with my cousin Gwen (Cliff’s daughter):

Amy was all over the program!

For those who may be interested – Amy’s time at Juniata was very well spent.  The History Department proved to be fantastic teachers, mentors, and friends, and I would recommend the school without hesitation.  Thanks to their efforts, Amy was accepted into almost every program she applied to, and was offered fellowships to a few as well.  (KU was one of the latter.)

So now its off to Lawrence, KS this summer.  Another moving adventure, and hopefully an opportunity to visit with friends in the general neighborhood.  Which reminds me – any suggestions for apartments and the like in Lawrence would be welcome.

And if anyone in the greater KC area wants to hear about polyadenylation in plants, it’s going to be hard for me to turn down invitations ….

At least for two years or so.

[Interesting aside:  Amy visited three campuses after she was accepted by the respective schools – Indiana, Michigan State, and Kansas.  All three had respectable NCAA tournament runs.  She visited IU a few days before the UK-IU Sweet 16 game; the hotel clerk in Bloomington took one look at my UK shirt when told me when I was checking in and said there weren’t any rooms.  Amy visited KU a few days after the championship game, and spent the time trying to hide her glee at the results.]

2 Responses to Next stop – Kansas!

  1. RBH says:

    Congrats to Amy, Art.

  2. Santanu says:

    All the best to Amy! I can not believe, she is a lady now! Your mom looks as young as I have seen her more than 1
    7 years ago I guess!

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