A short vacation built around a trip to pick up Amy returning from a semester in The Gambia.

A day in Harper’s Ferry:

John Brown’s Fort (monument on the actual site in the foreground, where the re-built fort sits today in the background):

B&B in Gettysburg

What Pickett’s men saw (well, the monuments are extra, and there may be a few bluecoats missing, but …)

Looking back towards the Confederate positions (from halfway between Seminary and Cemetery Ridges):

A side trip to Eisenhower’s farm

That’s Ronald Reagan’s signature in the guestbook on the upper right:

And then to Harrisburg to collect Amy at the airport (why Harrisburg?  Long story …).

2 Responses to Travelogue

  1. dwisker says:

    How was Amy’s trip?

  2. Arthur Hunt says:

    Fantastic. I am not sure what she was expecting, but the experience exceeded everything we could have hoped for. She made good friends and reveled in the day-to-day life in The Gambia.

    I won’t tell you about her grandmother’s reaction to some of the, um, customs (like hitchhiking to get around).

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