Daddy’s stories – Australian Rules Football

So, if you’ve got kids who were raised in the 90’s and after, they probably have a hard time believing you when you tell them about the good old days, when there were music videos on MTV and sports (other than poker) on ESPN after midnight.

I’ve told my kids (more times than they can care to hear, I’m sure) that they were raised on the oddball sports that ESPN showed at the wee hours (the times when I got to rock the babies back to sleep after the 2AM feeding) back when – things like Australian Rules Football.  I tried explaining these novelties, seemingly to no avail.

But perhaps not.  My youngest is off on a 1 month summer study abroad course in, of all places, Australia.  So what does she do on one of the free afternoons?  She goes to an Australian Football League game!

You never know what kids will remember (even when they don’t).

(That’s right – an AFL team named the Swans.  What’s that all about???)

5 Responses to Daddy’s stories – Australian Rules Football

  1. Joel says:

    South Melbourne used to have a bunch of Western Australian players, and WA’s emblem is a swan. Later, they moved to Sydney.

    Heh, I have enough difficulty watching Brisbane Lions games here in Australia (though not in Brisbane anymore). Though this season, maybe that’s an advantage…

  2. Dave Wisker says:

    There is (or used to be– I havent seen it in the US for quite a few years) a pretty good Australian beer called Swan Lager.

  3. Clem Weidenbenner says:

    Any chance Amy might be smitten with a Rugby player out there on the pitch? Getting to bottom of that could be a job for a Proud Papa.

  4. R Hampton says:

    I loved that the officials who signaled when points were scored – by doing the two arm pointing shtick, like Love Boat’s Isaac – wore white jackets and hats (if memory serves me correctly), and that the ends of the fields were round! Such an odd sport.

  5. Arthur Hunt says:

    Hi Clem,

    Um, er, … hmmmm .

    That’s just the comment I needed to read.

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