The past few weeks (it seems a lot longer) have been spent largely on the road.  The task has been to move my oldest daughter (Heather) to Missoula MT, where she will be attending the University of Montana.  We folded a family road trip into the move and took a few weeks to accomplish the task.  A brief photo recap is beneath the fold.  I hope to return to some of the more usual blog entries after the next road trip (moving Amy back to Juniata, wrapped around the Eukaryotic mRNA Processing meeting at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory).  Enjoy. (Warning – quite a few pictures, which may make for slow loading.)

They write on mountains out west.  (Overlooking the University of Montana campus - a pretty setting.)

They write on mountains out west. (Overlooking the University of Montana campus - a pretty setting.)

We visited with my sister (Donnalene) in Great Falls for four days, and got a chance to take in some of of the offerings of Montana:

the State Fair


Minor League baseball:

Game 1

And dirt track racing:

Happy Racing

Then there was the driving:












The trip was not without its glitches, such as when we discovered we had apparently reached the end of the world:


Thanks to Amy, who took these pictures.

2 Responses to Whew!

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Nice shots of Montana, and the state signs! Three times now I’ve missed getting a shot of the bowtie on the Paul Simon Highway through Illinois — did you get a shot of it?

    Anyway, I stole that last photo and posted it at my blog. Is that a special phone application, or what in the world got that bizarre answer?

  2. Arthur Hunt says:

    Hi Ed,

    I didn’t see the bowtie. Next time I’m that way, I’ll look for it.

    I think Amy was just googling North Dakota on her phone. No clues about how that answer came up, except that, well, we are talking about North Dakota.

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