Behe and the limits of evolution

January 24, 2009

Intelligent Design proponent Michael Behe has recently taken Ken Miller to task for the latters rough handling of another ID proponent’s handling of some concepts in evolution.  I don’t intend to add to the back and forth between the two (or three?) of them here.  Rather, I thought I would use one of Behe’s closing remarks as an excuse to repost a (slightly-modified) Panda’s Thumb essay that pertains to one of Behe’s newer calling cards – the so-called “Edge of Evolution”.

In the last paragraph of his response to Miller, Behe says:

“It’s pertinent to remember here the central point of The Edge of Evolution. We now have data in hand that show what Darwinian processes can accomplish, and it ain’t much.”

Actually, as the following essay clearly shows, Darwinian processes can do much more than Behe suggests.  Enjoy.

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Inauguration aftermath

January 24, 2009

Part 1.  A brief reflection.

The near coincidence of Martin Luther King Day and the inauguration was for me, as for most Americans, an occasion for reflection.  Many, many commentators have noted how the latter event was a culmination of the efforts of an earlier generation. It’s also plain that the recent election energized the newest generation of voters in a most remarkable way.  What strikes me in all of this is how connected these two generations are by the election.   This is a refreshing contrast with recent American history, which is among other things a matter of clashes of generations.  Given the sad state we’re in, I’ve gotta hope that two generations working together may be a part of the path out of this wilderness.

Part 2.  Not all fun and games.

Amy says it better than I can.

Part 3.  That hard work paid off.

Back in October, older daughter Heather was one of the volunteers at a Biden rally in Wooster, one of the newest generation of voters working to bring about a sea change.  This photo was taken with a candidate.


But today he’s the Vice President.  How cool is that.  Good job, kids!